Cliffside Park

Founded in 1895, Cliffside Park has come a long way from a town that consisted of farms and woodlands. “On Top of The Palisades”, is a perfect description of the borough’s geography. Conveniently located between the George Washington Bridge and the Lincoln Tunnel, it is home to many New York City business people who find it an easy commute. Cliffside Park is one square mile, and home to approximately 23,000 people.

Residents of the borough enjoy a multitude of restaurants – everything from Italian to Turkish. The main thoroughfare, Anderson Avenue, or “The Avenue” as it is affectionately referred to, has many wonderful stores for shoppers to explore. The form of government is Mayor and Council. There are six council members, with two elected every 3 years on a rotating basis. The Mayor serves a four-year term. There are four elementary schools, a middle school, an Early Learning Center and a high school. For more information regarding the school system see the Cliffside Park School District Official Website


Police Department

Chief of Police: Richard Gaito

Secretary: Kathleen Miller

Phone: 201.945.3600


Fire Department

Department Chief: Teddy Tarabokija

Phone: 201.945.0205



Director: Michael Russo

Phone: 201.313.2064

Fax: 201.945.9582


Office of Emergency Management

Coordinator: Stewart DeVito

Deputy Coordinator: Ralph Fedouchik

Phone 201.313.2013

Fax: 201.945.6592